The Living God, Volume 1 Systematic Theology
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The Living God, Volume 1 Systematic Theology
Oden, Dr Thomas C

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Oden, Dr Thomas C




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This is the first volume of Systematic Theology. It also comes as part of the complete set complete set (ISBN 1598560360).

Emphasizing the beliefs common to all branches of Christendom rather than the issues that divide, Thomas Oden brings the full weight of two millennia of discussion to bear on the ever-contemporary questions of Christian faith. His magisterial study not only treats the traditional elements of systematic theology, referencing hundreds of theologians,Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox, charismatic,but also highlights the foundational exegetes of history. Broadly ecumenical in the truest sense of the word, and written from the perspective of a theological liberal-turned-evangelical, Oden’s direct, frank, and provocative approach articulates the concerns of a broad spectrum of Christians,pastors, teachers, seminarians, and thoughtful laity.

Though comprehensive in scope, the set is arranged in a Trinitarian fashion with each volume focusing on one person of the godhead. The first volume explores the Christian understanding of God, creation and providence. The second volume discusses Christ and the Incarnation. The third volume considers the presence of the Holy Spirit in history, and his power in the lives and communities of present day believers.

ò Volume 1: The Living God
ò Volume 2: The Word of Life
ò Volume 3: Life in the Spirit

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