Loving God with All Your Mind DVD
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Loving God with All Your Mind DVD

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DVD - Brand New and Unused! Multiple copies are available.
Millions of women have benefited from the challenging, spiritually rich teaching of bestselling author Elizabeth George. In her first video from Harvest House, she delves into her life message, Loving God with All Your Mind.

Elizabeth teaches that loving God involves acting on that love. In six 25-minute sessions, she focuses on six key Scripture passages, helping viewers understand how to

  • handle their emotions by focusing on what is true about God and about life
  • grasp His purpose for life and move toward it
  • trust Him in all things and find inner peace in every circumstance

Each concept is reinforced in the companion workbook, which will help women integrate the teaching on the DVD into their minds and hearts. As their thinking changes, their lives will too!

Six 25-minute sessions. Helpful leaderÆs guide included. Designed for use with the Loving God with All Your Mind Interactive Workbook.

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